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White Coolants

White Coolants
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  • Mayhems Pastel Extreme White - 100ml

    Pastel Extreme is next evolutionary step in concentrated Nano fluids, being only 100ml in size it can be diluted up to a maximum of 3.5 Ltrs of fluid for colouring.

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  • Mayhems Pastel UV White - 1Ltr

    Mayhems “Pastel” UV White is a Nano fluid that has a white pastel shade under normal Light and a Light Blue Shade under UV Black light. It allso has a in system life of over 2 years.

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    SKU: 0609224350979
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  • Mayhems Pastel White - 1Ltr

    Mayhems Pastel range of Nano coolants have been in development for over 2 years with co-operation between Ice Dragon Cooling and Mayhems. This new range of coolants surpasses anything in the market place at the moment with its outstanding colours and cooling power.

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    SKU: 0609224350917

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