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Universal G1/4" Connector Piece 4-Way - Silver Nickel

Universal G1/4" Connector Piece 4-Way - Silver Nickel


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This connector piece can be used as a splitter or to include further components into a watercooling loop without having to redo the whole system. The included plug caps can be used on all 4 threads, therefore even allowing configuration as an elbow piece. The connector block was deigned to not create any additional flow resistance!

Technical data:
Material: Nickel coated brass
Thread size: G1/4"

Extent of delivery:
1x universal G1/4" connector piece 4-way, nickel coated
2x plug caps

Note: Due to the low depth of the connection threads of only 5mm, some fittings may require spacer rings to fit.

Important: The ensure the proper seal on the threads we recommend the use of Teflon tape, or a seal.
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