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Thermalright V1-Ultra High Performance VGA Heatsink

Thermalright V1-Ultra High Performance VGA Heatsink
Thermalright V1-Ultra High Performance VGA Heatsink


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When Thermalright first released the V-1 Video Card Cooler, there were many doubts and questions on how they would make it in the GPU cooling market, especially with the release of new GPUs by both ATI and nVidia.

While the V-1 was compatible with a broad range of popular video cards, they were still not compatible with some of the newer cards. The main issue with the original V-1 cooler was that is was not able to handle the hottest and newest GPUs.

Thermalright have taken those concerns to heart and headed back to our R&D lab and guess what?? They have come up with an even better solution good enough to handle ATI’s X1900 and nVidia’s 7900 series chipsets. Welcome to the V1-Ultra!

For this monster of a cooler, Thermalright have added a third heatpipe to maximize the transfer of heat from the GPU. It has the same basic mechanical layout as the original V-1 but with the added awesome power of cooling. V-1 Ultra, the VGA cooler of the present and the future.

The 80mm fan that is supplied with the V1-Ultra is not the quietest available but the fan speed can be reduce which makes the cooler very quiet indeed. Our test showed that even with the fan running at 7 volts the cooler was still able to an ATI X1900XTX without any issues. If you want to reduce the speed of the fan we recommend the RC56.

Another aspect that will aid cooling is that it is possible to add a second 80mm fan to the cooler. The second fan can be attached to the front heatsink. It is recommended to use a fan that is 15mm thick, which means the ZM-OP1 will be ideal.

The V1-Ultra is compatible with a vast array of graphics cards. Further information can be found at Thermalright’s website On this page you will find valuable information that will allow you to determine if the cooler will fit your graphics cards.

80mm fan cooler (optional two fans)
Soldered fins to copper base to make effective contact
Compatibility across multiple platforms (ATI and NVIDIA)
Dimension (mm) Heat sink (base,front) L30 x W24 x H2, Heat sink (body,front) L80 x W80 x H20, Heat sink (body, rear/with fan) L80 x W80 x H28.5, Rear heat sink to VGA card: 6 mm
Weight 310g (heat sink only)
Fan Size 80x80x15mm
Fan bearing Two ball
Fan RPM 2500 at 12V, 1400 at 7V
Noise Level 31 db(A) at 12V, around 22 at 7V
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