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Temperature Sensor G1/4

Temperature Sensor G1/4
Temperature Sensor G1/4 Temperature Sensor G1/4 Temperature Sensor G1/4


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High-precision thermal sensor G1 / 4 inch thread. Can be plugged straight into a thread of a reservoir such as Coolplex, Aluminum tube or Bullseye and seals on a durable O-ring. The shaft is knurled, which facilitates the screwing in by hand, in the range of the sensor head the residual wall thickness is reduced to <1 mm, which allows quick and accurate measurements. It is universally applicable to the equipment sold in the shop. Specifications: Material: Brass Accuracy: 0.3 m (accuracy measurement is possible) Cable: 2-pin connector with 50cm cable Resistance 10KOhm Upper diameter: 18mm Top length: 8mm Overall length: 30mm Thread length: 10mm Lower sensors Length: 12mm Sensor diameter: 6mm bottom, 2nd step 7mm Delivery: 1x Thermo sensor G1 / 4 Compatibility: It is a 10kOhm temperature sensor which is compatible with inter alia the following devices: aquaero 3.07, aquaero 4.00 aquastream Ultra aquaduct variants with external sensor input (360 XT, 720 XT) Alphacool HeatMaster Innovatek Fan-O-Matic Lian Li Multi Panel Scythe Kaze T-Balancer Sensor inputs of many motherboards
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