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Phobya Radiator Gasket 5mm For 120mm Fans

Phobya Radiator Gasket 5mm For 120mm Fans
Phobya Radiator Gasket 5mm For 120mm Fans


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To increase the efficiency of his fans on the radiator or its water cooling, there is from the company again Phobya an innovative product which with little cost and effort of its entire system runs more efficiently! A certain percentage of the air flow escapes always, since the fan is not tightly rests on the frame of the radiator or of the housing. In fact this loss Minimize there is now this sealing tape!

This sealing strip is provided on one side with an adhesive tape and is adhered to the part of his choice. Now, the fan can be placed with its outer edge on the sealing strip and the wear of the fan coil, is pressed to the strip, if necessary, together below 1mm and compensates for any unevenness and gaps between components and fan. Thus, the air no chance to escape, and the effect of the fan is increased again!

The sealing band was already perfectly suited to the appropriate fan sizes, so this will just simply stuck to the radiator and the fan must be festgschraubt!

Technical details:
Material: fine foam
Color: gray
Fits: 120mm fan
5mm thick (2mm pressed together under pressure)
Width: 6mm

Scope of supply:
1x Phobya radiator sealant tape 5mm to 120mm Fans
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