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Phobya Nova 1080 Box

Phobya Nova 1080 Box
Phobya Nova 1080 Box Phobya Nova 1080 Box Phobya Nova 1080 Box Phobya Nova 1080 Box


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With the Nova Phobya Box 1080 begins a complete concept around the Phobya Xtreme Nova 1080 radiator (item: 35180) what the external installation of this unique radiator design visually and taste as good as any user perfectly rounds.

Painted black gloss, the fairing design in Bricky then presents the basic framework of your new external sets. The possible combinations of ligands for sheeting water cooling components are as diverse as the range of individual products!

In the box is the 1080 Nova Phobya Phobya Xtreme Nova 1080 radiator bolted fit and offers more possibilities with various additional components to be mounted fan. On the edge of the box, the connections are routed to the outside of the radiator. For this purpose pre-cut openings are available. Also, a larger opening is recessed to prevent the cable from the fan to the outside. On the side of the box several holes are let to external reservoir or pump to mount.

Pumps are one of the items here can be installed additionally. Outside, depending on how you put together their set. The inset M4 holes allow the combination with various decoupling and pumps. Pump compatibility with pre-punched holes stops include: Laing, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aqua Stream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1048, Magicool 12V DC 260 and DC 400 Phobya, EK-DCP and DCP 2.2 4.0

Reservoir can be mounted on the side of the pump as well. Again, there is an external assembly. Conditions at the site were also admitted M4 holes. Through the selected hole spacings easy installation by including the following containers possible: Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex, EK multi option Innovatek Tank-O-Matic, Koolance Reservoir, LUND Reservoir Magicool Plexiac, Phobya Balancer and XSPC Passive containers.

Radiators are provided here in the principle of Phobya Xtreme Nova 1080 radiator (item: 35180) but also the Phobya Xtreme QUAD 480 Radiator (item: 35179). Both can be installed internally. The big advantage in choosing the little brother is the one that components such as pump or the terms and conditions can be placed inside. Likewise, the upper Öfffnung, 22mm hole size, can be used for a Fillport.

Feet here provides the set feet Phobya Universal Stand (SKU: 38300) at. For the optics, the firmer stand An optional element which should not be neglected

Additional optional components and their properties:

Phobya Box 1080 Nova Hood - Bricky Black (SKU: 38284)
When delivered, the Nova 1080 is Phobya box open on one side. With this panel, the cage can be closed completely.

Phobya Nova fan screen 4x180mm Black (SKU: 38232)
During delivery, the Radiators Nova is now possible with the box only one Montagemit up to 9x 120mm fans. This panel can be installed optionally up to 4x 180 fans. Of course, even here, the panel - Black Bricky be used to place the box sealed.

Phobya Nova Shroud Box 1080 (Item No.: 38283)
First and foremost is the Shroud used to a certain distance between the housing wall or even when mounted at this point the box is to reach as the air can be sucked in there. The Shroud also enables a sandwich fan assembly. The heist could it before and behind the radiator 180mm or 120mm fans are mounted. Important here is the addition of the appropriate aperture must be ordered separately. Of course, even here, the panel - Black Bricky be used to place the box sealed.

Important to the mounting screws:
Depending on what they use for a combination, they need different screw lengths.

As a sample calculation:
120mm fan + fan + panel mounting threaded bolt length =
25mm + 2mm + 3mm = 30mm long screws

Technical details:
Material: SC-steel
Color: black powder coated
Dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 395 x 85mm

1x 1080 Nova Phobya Box
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