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Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm)

Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm)
Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm) Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm) Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm) Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm)


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Phobya's latest marvel of technology as PWM cooling fan!

The consortium of manufacturers' Phobya "it has achieved through optimum alignment of the blades that increased air flow does not necessarily lead to higher noise levels. The rotor blades are curved in combination with the wedge-shaped alignment of the camp to show the context, the future starts here! The camp, which was equipped with the latest Nano Technology combines sash and frame to a minimum point, the drive through coils, ensures that this is almost noiseless, silent fans know what really appreciated. By increasing the speed, here was an air flow rate reached it's so rare!

At a speed of 1500rpm and the latest fan is audible. Therefore, this fan has been designed so that even he has to make do with less tension good. For a start voltage range from 7-12V, this fan will be quieter than a gnat, yet the system is still held by a strong air current is very cool!

The look is another point which takes in addition to functionality, a high weighting. Red, and very "New", combined with elegant black blades with a classic black frame, with fully polished look, creating an eye-catcher in the system where each user can say to himself: This fan is a good choice! In the PWM version, the Phobyalüfter are mounted in each corner small red LED's what the design even further Accompanied taste.

To clean the fan, the entire rotor can, by slightly, from the frame and engine are removed. To clean is carried out smoothly. Just hold it under running water and rinse the dust. After a short drying period, the cooler by gently squeezing in the original state are returned to the fan and you can start work again.

Technical details:
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Colors: black frame, red and very "new" black blades with red LED's
Weight: 145g
Rated Voltage: 12V
Start Voltage: 7 Volts
Power consumption: 0.45 A
Rated speed: 600-1500rpm (+ / -10%)
Airflow: max. 109.33 CFM / 64.16 CFM
Volume: 10-25 dB / A
MTBF (25 ° C): 100000 hrs
Connector: PWM / 4 pin fan connector
Max Static Pressure: 1.6mm-H2O

1x Phobya Nano 2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade (120x120x25mm)
4x fan screws
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  • Author: Dark Mantis
    [b]Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM 1500 RED LED Review
    by Dark Mantis[/b]


    I have been sent another fan from the Phobya ever expanding listing. This is a little bit different from the ordinary run of the mill

    fans that most manufacturer's, including Phobya are producing. I will go into that more a little later. The fan comes in the by now

    well known standard Phobya box, they have put a lot of trouble into producing a brand image and I shouldn't think there are many

    people who wouldn't recognise the logo or colours/design.In the front of the box is a triangular window through which you can see the

    fan. On the reverse is the usual blurb extolling the virtues in three languages English, French and German.

    This fan looks different from the outset as it has twice the normal number of blades for a 120 mm. It has fourteen blades in total

    seven black and seven red evenly interspaced. This obviously has a bearing on the amount of air that can be moved at a given speed.


    It has the Nano fan bearings that Phobya are pushing hard as they are the way forward and waterproofed. To go with this they enable a

    much quieter operation and a maximum noise level of 25 dB/A at the top speed of 1500 RPM. At that speed the fan will shift anamazing

    64.3 CFM of air. This is no mean achievment for quite a gentle spin. A minimum voltage of 7v is enough to get the fan started so it

    will run from 600 RPM if you want it even quieter.

    The mean time between failures is given as 100,000 hours and allows Phobya to give a three year warranty. One feature that I like

    especially is that the manufacturer always braids their cables. This gives a real quality look and is done in black with matching

    heatshrink at the ends. The cable terminates in a four pin PWM header block. To add a bit of extra bling the fan case houses four red


    Again as with all their fans this one features the easy to clean pull off blade unit. The whole hub simply pulls off the fan housing

    and means that it is very quick and easy to clean when the time comes. There is no complete dismatling of the fan from the case and

    removing the wiring etc.

    Noise levels are very acceptable even at full speed, at the lower levels it is very quiet and starts off from 10dB/A which is

    practically silent. The black and red plastic parts are finished in a very shiny black or red, what would normally be called piano finish.

    [b]Basically an extremely capable fan that doesn't trade off performance for a comfortable noise level. At the level of pricing

    that this component is set at it is very good value. I award it 9/10 as it is hard to fault.[/b]

    [b]Supplier : C and C Central http://www.candccentral.co.uk/ Price : £12.49[/b]
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