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Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel

Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel
Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir - Black Nickel


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Another innovative component for your watercooling system by Phobya! The newest innovations combined with exclusive appearance and proven functionality.

Design and technology are the main points which make the difference in the watercooling sector. Many manufacturers are trying to combine excellence in both sector, but only few succeed. Phobya has managed to combine features which are unique in the watercooling sector.

The top and bottom are made from solid metal and combined with a transparent tube made from Plexi. Shining gold plating or a black nickel finish are the first available colours. The reservoirs are available in 150mm and 250mm length, allowing use in virtually any case size.

Versatility and functionality were a great factor when designing this reservoir. You will notice the large number of connection threads, two at the bottom and two at the side of the bottom piece, which allows a great variety of mounting possibilities. The threads at the side especially make horizontal installation of the reservoir easily possible, giving you a whole array of new possibilities. The fifth connection thread in the top piece can be used as an In- our outlet when installed horizontally or for connection of a Fillport etc. Another possibility is to equip the unused threads with lighting modules to shine a whole new light on your reservoir!

Of course an ''Anti-cyclone'' was integrated. This separating plate prevents vortexing inside of the reservoir and also prevents stronger pumps to suck in air bubbles from the inlet.

Of course all connection threads in the reservoir are 1/4" in size. Thee black nickel plated screw plugs are included for the unused threads. Both bottom and top piece may be removed for cleaning of the tube. All mounting material is also included!

Technical specifications:
Material: Brass, Plexi
Colour: Black nickel coated
Dimensions (DxH): 50 x 250mm
Connection threads: 4x1/4" in bottom piece, 1x1/4" in top piece
Weight: 816g + 2x 30g mounting clamps
Pressure tested: 2 bar

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya Balancer 250 black nickel
2x Plastic mounting clamps
2x 16mm mounting screws with nuts & washers

Please note: On items in this price category slight scratches on the surface cannot be avoided at all times for manufacturing reasons. These may be reduced or even removed by polishing.
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  • Author: Jeremy Clifford
    [b]Phobya Balancer 250 black nickel Review
    by Dark Mantis[/b]

    I have just received the Phobya Balancer 250 black nickel version for review and . The reservoir comes well packaged in the by now familiar and usual Phobya cardboard box with company

    decals and colour scheme that everyone will recognise. Inside the device is very well padded against damage during transit by soft plastic foam that holds the tube centrally in the box.

    Once opened up there are three seperate packages included in the main box. The first is the tubular reservoir itself followed by a plastic bag which holds the two M4 x 16mm allen headed

    bolts finished in black nickel and two matching nuts,and there are three black nickel finish 1/4" BSPP blanks. In the third bag there are the two black plasic pipe holders to enable

    permanent fixing of the device. That makes up the total packaging contents.

    Upon unwrapping the main plexiglas tube of the reservoir I was met with a very classy looking component and my immediate impression was of a quality device. After all the "bling" of the

    previous reservoirs I have reviewed in the past this makes a nice change. As well as looks there is a substantial difference in weight. This reservoir is just over half a kilo before being

    filled with any liquid. It has a maximum capacity of 275ml. The actual weight is 590 gms without fittings etc which will all add to it.

    The polished black nickel ends and fittings certainly give it an air of luxury. I will try fittings of different finishes just to see what the overall effect is.

    Now for some sizes. Without fittings it is 250mm overall length with an outside diameter of 50mm. The clear perspex tube is 215mm and the mounts can be situated anywhere along it's length.

    The black nickel top is 17.5mm deep in total of which 8.5mm is the unthreaded top portion. The top is the same diameter as the rest of the tube with a single 1/4" BSPP port fitted

    centrally. The black nickel base section is again 50mm diameter but somewhat taller. It incorporates 36.5mm of bottom unit of which 27.5mm is the unthreaded portion. There are two 1/4" BSPP

    ports on the very bottom and two the same but on one side with a 60 degree angle offset between them. Inside of the base unit there is a vertical plate with three longtitudinal slots cut in

    it. This is to help stop vortexing and cut down on the amount of bubbles that are returned to the cooling loop.It is situated in between the in and out ports on each side or base.

    The metal parts are all made from solid brass that has been elctroplated with black nickel and highly polished afterwards. They screw onto the plexiglas tube and seal with a 2.5mm thick O-

    ring. This is the same top and bottom. The internal diameter of the tube is 40mm. This makes the wall 5mm thick which is fairly substantial and is not going to break easilly. The quality of

    the plexiglas seems to be very high as it is crystal clear and without any visible blemishes.

    The only way to add any "bling" would be to use a clear end cap with a 5mm hole inset to allow a coloured LED to be fixed. To be honest I really don't feel that anything is required but it

    is an option if you so wished.

    [b]This is an extremely well designed and manufactured reservoir of the tubular variety that literally screams class from the outset. The proportions are perfect and it is big enough to be

    effective without taking up an inordinate amount of space. Even the price is reasonable. I really can't fault it and as such give it the top mark of 10/10![/b]
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