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Nanoxia Turboflow Ready Fluid 1000ml

Nanoxia Turboflow Ready Fluid 1000ml
Nanoxia Turboflow Ready Fluid 1000ml


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The Nanoxia Turboflow Coolant is one of the best coolants with anti-corrosive properties which was specially developed for cooling loops with Aluminium. It is perfect for all overclockers or gamers with high-performance and pressure watercooling systems.
The Turboflow formula is based on the Silicate controlled acid (SCA) technology with de-mineralized water which almost completely eliminates the corrosive effects in all Aluminium-containing watercooling systems..
Experts trust the outstanding cooling performance and anti-corrosive properties of Nanoxia TURBOFLOW.
The de-mineralized water increases the thermal capacity of the coolant which results in the great thermal conductivity. At increased temperatures the thermal conductivity increases as well, meaning that the heat is transferred quicker as well.
At accordingly high flow rates in the system the coolant therefore achieves its outstanding performance whilst still offering perfect protection.

The mixing ratio of the coolant is balanced in protection, design and performance. Any further mixing and/or diluting of the coolant would significantly de-balance the mixture of the coolant and therefore reduce performance.

Of course Speedflow also offer protection from biological contamination (e.g. algae) which can form and grow under suitable temperature and light conditions (e.g. UV or daylight). These can result in deposits which may ultimate lead to clogging and complete failure of the cooling system.
Speedflow offers an extremely long timespan of protection of up to 3 years. We still recommend yearly cleaning of the system. A different interval is certainly possible, but it should be considered that due to chemical reactions within the liquid or exposure to different lights the protective and UV-reactive properties of the coolant may decrease.

For cleaning of the system Nanoxia STARK should be used. Nanoxia STARK is 15-times distilled water in its purest form. This means that Nanoxia STARK is free of bacteria, germs or minerals. When cleaning your system therefore also all contaminations are flushed out and only a small amount of highly pure water remains. Now the system can simply be filled up with HyperZero coolant to have a truly clean system which offers perfect protection again.
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