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mod/smart 3mm Red HeatShrink 30cm

mod/smart 3mm Red HeatShrink 30cm
mod/smart 3mm Red HeatShrink 30cm


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To achieve a truly clean and organized system there is no ways around heat shrink tubing!

We offer heat shrink tubing in a huge variety of colours and sizes covering virtually any size required in a PC. The smaller sizes are perfect to safely connect shortened cables or to fixate sleeving, the larger sizes can be used to bundle whole multiple cables together to optimize Airflow and keep the system clean.

This heat shrink tubing has a shrinkage ratio of 3:1. This means that ever piece of it has, after being heated, only 1/3rd of it's previous diameter, length shrinkage is almost eliminated with this heat shrink tubing!

Technical details:
Shrinking temperature: approx. 90 C
Contraction ratio: 3:1
Diameter before contraction: 3mm
Diameter after contraction: 1mm
Length: 30cm
Colour: red

Extent of delivery:
1x Heat shrink tubing 3mm (1/8") 3:1 red 30cm
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