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Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver - 1ltr

Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver - 1ltr
Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver - 1ltr


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Mayhems “Aurora 2'' range of liquids are perfect for a myriad of differing computer enthusiasts. The liquid reflects light back in a plethora of swirls and differs greatly from anything currently available. A coolant that is not only striking to view inside a computer system, but a fluid that will entice the consumer with its never ending patterns of light that cascade throughout.
The aforementioned “Aurora 2” range is based on our proprietary blend of refined vegetable extracts, which are fully biodegradable and have a very low order of oral toxicity. The bottle comes with a Child Safety Cap as well as a spout to enable the consumer to fill all manner of systems easily. This range of coolants is recommended for use in systems where an ‘environmentally friendly’ product is preferred. It also contains non-toxic (GRAS) multi-metal inhibitors, formulated to protect the water cooling equipment and associated systems against corrosion, scale and biological fouling. This prolongs equipment life and thermal efficiency. 

Although every effort has been made to produce this product, there are no guarantees that this will work on all systems. Mayhems are not responsible if the aforementioned fails in the end-users system. Please read our 'Aurora Wiki' before purchasing

Properties & Benefits

Can be used with all of Mayhems Dyes to make your very own colours
Child Safety Cap
Removable spout
Blended with Non-Toxic Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors for protection of Copper, Brass, Steel, Nickel and Aluminium Proven to ASTM D3306 and BS6580 standards
Very low oral toxicity, less than propylene glycol
-35c freezing point
Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drug Administration as a food additive
Mobilisers to prevent scale or sludge filming
Boiling Point : up to 100° C (pressure dependent)
85% Bio-degradable within 30 days
Bitter taste additives to prevent consumption
Can be stored for up to 3 years (if stored in a cool dry environment)
Made in the UK

Tested equipment

Mayhems Aurora Wiki Page - http://mayhems-aurora.wikispaces.com/

The best type of reservoir is a tube reservoir, as the pearl cannot lay anywhere and is in constant movement. Bay reservoirs with good flow throughout the reservoir are also recommended. Injection moulded plastics may have a problem, however this has not been confirmed.
Before Using Mayhems “Aurora 2 “

The system must be clean and have no chemicals of any kind left in the system. There must be no bleach, biocide and anti corrosive inhibitors. In addition to the above we recommend that the consumer flushes the system with Mayhems Blitz Before use. Mayhems “Aurora” has biocides and inhibitors included in the mixture.

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