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Magicool Xtreme Dual 160 Radiator

Magicool Xtreme Dual 160 Radiator
Magicool Xtreme Dual 160 Radiator Magicool Xtreme Dual 160 Radiator


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Proven quality and an optimal price-performance ratio make these new Magicool radiators unique. The new radiators feature, besides their great design and high build quality, great cooling performance, The Magicool radiators of the Pro and Xtrem series are absolute High-end heat exchangers. The copper fins are specially designed for Ultra-silent fans (with low Airflow). The parallel coolant channels reduce flow resistance to a minimum. On both sides of the radiator M3 threads are integrated to allow fan installation on both sides.

The radiator has integrated G1/4" threads, allowing installation of virtually all common fittings.

Important: Please flush before first use and insert a screw into all M3 threads for testing purposes. In rare cases some lacquer may have remained in the threads. If the M3 screws do not fit self-cutting screws may also be used.
Please note: Overtightening of the screws may damage the radiator. Always take care that the screws do not damage the radiator. Damages dur to improper use are not covered by the warranty!

Technical details:
Material: Copper fins, brass chambers
Dimensions (LxWxH): 190x82x47mm
Connection threads: G1/4"
Weight: ca. 700g
Fan installation: 8 M3 threads on both sides each (for 2x80mm fans each)
Pressure tested: 2,5 Bar

Important: The included screws may be too long for some applications. Always be sure to screw them in only so far that the radiator is not damaged.

The reddish brown "stains" on the fins is no rust. Please note that this is a copper radiator and the note: "The whole radiator was coated with a robust black lacquer. The fins are coated with a thinner layer to improve the appearance without compromising cooling performance.". The lacquer coat is made from the same material, hence the reddish-brown "stains".

Attention: The radiator can be damaged, if the screws are screwed too deep. Please pay attention to the right length of the screws. The screws do not have the same size in every delivery.

Note: To avoid storage or manufacture-related residues in the circulation, Please rinse the radiator completely before assembling.

Warranty: On impermeability and build for 2 years!
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