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  • Hardware Labs Black Ice Radiator GT Xtreme 240 - Black

    The Black Ice® GTX240 raises the bar on performance on the GTX platform by offering a dual 120mm fan configuration. The GTX240 utilizes the same radically optimized Black Ice GTX dual core design maximizing heat exchange, coolant flow, and stealth silent operation.

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    SKU: GTX240-F2PB
    £59.99 save 17%

  • Hardware Labs Black Ice Radiator GT Xtreme 360 - Black **B Grade**

    The Black Ice® GTX360 is indeed a generational revolution from its traditional Xtreme case-mod professional origins. True second generation Black Ice GTX core design maximizes cooling, flowrates and peformance utilizing 3 x 120mm fans even in low RPM/noise conditions. Xtreme level performance, as expected comes with at the highest quality of des...

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    SKU: GTX360-F2PB
    £72.99 save 18%

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