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Akasa AK-921 EVO 98

Akasa AK-921 EVO 98
Akasa AK-921 EVO 98


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AMD up to Opteron 64, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, & Sempron (Socket 754)
EVO 98, multi platform for both application on Intel & AMD sockets, six copper heatpipe cooler for hi-performance system, direct contact copper base, and 52 hi-grade aluminium fins.

Universally compatible CPU heatsink. Not AM2!!

Designed for AMD Athlon 64, Socket 754, 939, 940
Designed for Intel LGA 775, Core 2 Duo

EVO 98 utilises six hi-speed heatpipes and 52 deep plane aluminium fins. These two elements when combined can produce extreme cooling performance or near silent operation. We supply the heatsink, you decide on the fan of your choice. This heatsink will accept a fan on either side' one drawing air in and the other exhausting, both 25 or 38mm deep fans are suitable, 80 and 92mm deep are also catered for.

EVO 98 is designed for both Intel P4 LGA775 and AMD K8 Socket 754/939/940 and is equipped with a heavy duty copper base supplemented with a direct contact auxiliary heatsink. The fin assembly is encased in an attractive translucent air duct which has four blue LED giving cool colour to your PC.

How do heatpipes work?

The heatpipe is filled with vapourisable liquid.

1. Heat is absorbed in the evaporating section
2. Fluid boils to vapour phase
3. Heat is released from the top section via the fins; vapour condenses to liquid
4. Liquid is returned to the evaporating section

6 embedded copper heatpipes provide rapid and more even heat transfer
52 deep plane aluminium fins ensure optimum cooling
Direct contact copper base and aluminium heatsink maximise thermal performance
4 blue LED embedded in stylish translucent fan duct
Designed for single of dual 80mm or 92mm fans
Multi platform application for both Intel & AMD sockets

Please see a wide range of Akasa fans; ultra quiet amber fans, LED fans and UV fans

4 pin PSU LED connector
Fan screws for 25mm and 38mm fans
Ak 455 thermal compound
Manual Installation

This version is not AM2 Compatible
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