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Phobya Molex Extractor Kit Review by Dark Mantis

Phobya Molex Extractor Kit Review by Dark Mantis
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Posted: 29-08-2011 07:55
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Dark Mantis reviews the popular Phobya molex extractor kit.

Phobya Molex Extractor Kit Review
by Dark Mantis

Phobya has sent me a tool kit for use in extracting the pins from all sorts of Molex connectors. This maybe required because you want to make up new cables or the particular one in question has been damaged and needs replacing or, more usually when the pins need to be removed from a connector to enable the insertion of the wire into some cable braid for aesthetic purposes.

Obviously the small diameter braid used to sleeve a single cable is only a couple of millimetres maximum and so there is no way of expanding it to fit over an end connector therefore the block requires removing first and for that special tools are needed.

Most Molex connector block pins are secured in place by reverse barbs on the shank of the steel tubing they are made from. In order for them to be removed from the plug these barbs need to be flattened down so that the pin can be pushed back through the connector block. The different types of Molex connectors have their own design of pin and barb lock. This set of four seperate tools will enable the disassembly of all of the types of blocks.

There is one tool for each type of plug or socket and I shall deal with each as we get to them. The first one and probably the most used is a dual ended tube of two different diameters. One is 2.72mm ID 3.60mm OD and the other end is 2.17mm ID and 3.00mm OD. This tool is to fit the plug and socket ends of the large 4 pin Molex blocks like the general purpose ones that fit PATA hard drives, pumps, many fans and various other devices.

The next is for the small 4 pin plug that fits the old floppy drives and a few other components like fans. This is like a four pronged comb and enables all four locking barbs to be flattened at once. Coming next in line is the single pointed tool for the old six cable in line connector blocks and the more modern SATA power connector. Finally the last tool has a twin pointed end that enables disassembly of the motherboard and GPU power cable ends.

The tools with the exception of the cylindrical large Molex one are all made up from laminated steel riveted together to give more strenth than a single piece. The "comb" tool is made of two layers and the others of three. They all seem to be quite strong especially considering the small sizes of the actual tool heads involved. Some care is required when using the tools and it is best to try and put the pressure straight down along the tool rather than across it where bending is more likely to occur. Phobya has made the effort to design them ergonomically as far as possible.

When everything is taken into consideration I find them quite a well designed toolkit and should last you for some time if handled correctly. The price is fair enough I feel considering the quality involved. I award this tool kit 8/10.

Supplier: C and C Central Website: http://www.candccentral.co.uk/phobya-mo ... -tool.html Price: £13.26

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